Desember 2017. New features required for site

  • Text editing: All inline style is now stored per viewport. Use CSS to inherit inline style across devices.

  • Increased max_image_upload_size to 30MB

  • Feed-filtering, remove article-duplicates

  • Bugfix, added cache-channels to tag-requests from the API

  • New droppable-option: "prependChild". Will add the new content as the first sibling

  • Option to limit number of children drawn by data

  • A warning is displayed when unpublishing content

  • Option to update metadata on existing structures using ‚ÄústructureTemplates‚ÄĚ

  • Menus for text-tools can reflect state of selected text

  • Default resource_map is read from "sites.default.resource_map"

  • Templates can remove whitespace with "view.trim": {{ #view.trim }} classNames with lots of white-space {{ /view.trim }}

  • Easier to specify viewport-specific data

  • Buildt in support for full-width images

  • Structure-data supports bindings like content-data

  • New tool: ColorPicker. Adds text-color, background-color, gradients and custom colors based on user-config

  • New tool: TeasersEditor. Simplifies setting teaser-data and front-crops for article-pages. Support rich teaser-text

  • Add params for article api to return facet/group by counts (t.ex article count per month)


September 2017. Personalized content, improvements and bug-fixes

  • Personalized content

  • Bugfix for editing captions for slideshows

  • Bugfix for editing tags on automatic front-pages

  • LabFrontInspector (UrlAnalyzer): admin-GUI in CMS

  • File Upload via Admin

  • App-menu improvement: Display number of hidden menus. May be customized

  • Reduce effect of 404-requests on labfront

  • Bugfix: Removed global vars

  • Dashboard: Option to sort article-lists on publish-date, modification-date or created-date

  • Pasting of rich text: The editor removes rich content. Config can specify what to allow

  • Dashboard: Option for displaying larger images and removal of subtitles

  • Edit caption on original images

  • Bugfix: Store the field "termMode" as a boolean value


August 2017. Split-testing, Article-collections and more

  • Nodecollection / article-collection

  • A/B-testing, spilt-testing

  • Any viewport can be main viewport

  • Page can override config by data

  • Pusher-plugin supply live-updates of dashboards

  • The Fragment-API can now be used on automatic front-pages also

  • Preloaded urls may now use header-data